About The Southern Fishermen Association

The Southern Fishermen Association an organization formed in 1993 to give representation to the to the local fishermen of Grand Mal, St. George’s, Grenada.

The formation of this body came about because of an incident when a local fisherman unfortunately lost his life at sea. His comrades realizing for the first time how venerable they were not having any social security programme in place to meet the immediate and long term need of their loved ones if indeed an incident should occur. This unfortunate incident revealed to us the venerability and perishable nature of the persons choosing to become involved in the occupation of fishing.
(recognized by the United Nation and most recently by the United States of America, as one of the most dangerous occupation on earth).

Benefits & Contributions

Upon realizing this, an association was formed with the intension of achieving the following;
  • Provide to its members a social benefit programme. This programme was setup with the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) in 1997 making it the first and the only such grouping throughout the OECS and most other Caribbean countries to introduce a social safety net for its fisherfolks.
  • School books and uniform programme for members children successfully completing the common entrant examinations.
  • Installation of diesel dispensing pump. (Diesel / Petrol sold directly into the tanks of the fishing vessels, which was in keeping with government’s control requirement).
  • Substantial assistance given to members whose children having to travel for medical attention abroad. (regionally).
  • Burial assistance to members who have since departed.

Social Contributions